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Danner Medical

Waste Management Services

Concerns over communicable diseases, particularly blood borne diseases, are a top health concern of professionals and the general public. It is vital that medical service providers have a reliable, economical method of disposing medical waste with out tying up the valuable time and productivity of their staff.


Danner Medical, a medical waste transportation and disposal company, was formed to assist the medical community in dealing with these issues. Danner's staff has many years of experience in the medical field, particularly medical laboratory and safety procedures.


Danner is state certified and our staff and drivers are properly rated to handle Biohazard and Hazardous Materials.







Customer Testimonial

"Danner Medical has proven to be reliable in the removal of our medical waste. Danner's staff is prompt, courteous and professional. Competitive price with no hidden fees are among the top reasons why I choose Danner Medical. I would recommend Danner Medical to anyone requiring their services."


~Tina Moe, Quad Medical


Why Danner?

  • Scheduled removals
  • Special removals within 48 hours
  • Documented paperwork from removal to treatment
  • Small and large waste generators accommodated
  • Assitance with state and federal regulations compliance
  • Certified for all types of waste removal including soft waste, sharps, and pathology (tissue/surgical)



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